Choosing the Right Screw and Barrel

The choosing of proper Screw and Barrel combination is a very essential part for the plastic product manufacturing process. However, most people make mistake while choosing a proper screw and barrel. The companies are not serious about choosing screw and barrel. But now the situation is better companies started think about that still the screw and barrel are secondary when purchasing the machine.

The manufacturers are always considering the performance, controls, clamp speed, dry cycle speed and other important features while purchasing the new machine. There is the reason why they focusing on this feature because these features are important for maximum production and performance. The screw and barrel selection comes after these, since a very long time before.

Now companies use more engineered resin and they want more production and minimize the scrap, are the main features that have to be considered before choosing proper screw and barrel. The production growth is increased in the last 10 years as the industry is developed plastic/resin used in products. As the continuous research and development made in plastic and resin, it draws the attention of manufacturers to choose appropriate parts for screw and barrel set up to get maximum production from it.

So how to choose proper screw and barrel?

There are various factors that affect a selection of right screw and barrel. The industrial standards, material use is directly affected. Factors like the size of the machine, heat, cycle time, recovery time, melting temperature and so many other factors direct or indirect effect it.

There is a factor to be considering the ratio of screw and barrel and also metallurgy. The choosing the proper screw and barrel is essential for any machine. The manufacturers forget to upgrade the existing screw and barrel with improved and latest technology. They have to care about the sizing of screw and barrel, coating and metallurgy with material handling against cost and changes of clamp end to improve overall performance. When any plastic manufacturer wants to upgrade existing machinery with the latest or just to improve existing machinery, they have to take care of the screw and barrel for maximum productivity and performance.

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