Blow Moulding Advantages and Disadvantages

There are different methods to produce plastic products. In the blow moulding there are three methods and are injection blow moulding, extrusion blow moulding and injection stretch blow moulding. In the extrusion blow moulding process the plastic is melted to is boiling temperature than forming into prison in the round mould of the product. After removing it from the furnace it makes it a hole into it to allow compressed air to blown away to the shape of the mould. After cooling down the product is ejected from the mould. After Cooling down the product is ejected from the mold.

There are numbers of advantages of blow moulding process. This method increases the production capacity. But it has disadvantage also.

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Advantages of Blow Moulding

Advanced technology

The blow moulding technique completely changed the manufacture of plastic products. With the blow moulding method manufacturer can make various plastic products according to market and products that help people in their daily routine life. The blow moulding makes production fast and cheap for a manufacturer and produces more numbers of products.

Variety of Products

Most of the plastic bottles which are used to store liquids and other items are made with blow molding process. This technique allows engineers to redesign old products and create new products with the help of this method. There are some famous products made with blow moulding are plastic bottles, trays, plastic containers and some toys also.

Cost Efficient

For particular extrusion blow moulding needs low-pressure air which makes this machine cheaper the process is simple and easier. It is not required high skill to operate but with simple training, anyone is able to control it. One labor can operate this machine so it minimizes the labor cost.

Multiple Production methods

The blow moulding uses different methods to complete the process as we described earlier in the article. One of them is extrusion blow moulding works same as glass moulding where melted material blown to the mold. As we discuss in the injection blow moulding the melted material injected directly into the mold instead of blown by air. This makes production faster and this technology is continuously developed to increase the production.

High Productivity

With this globally accepted technology helps the manufacturer to produce plastic products worldwide.  This technology helps producers to increase the production and get high quality and quantity in a limited time. These machines have low maintenance and are easy to operate. This is beneficial for manufacturer due to less production cost.

These methods can allow choosing from different materials in productions. With blow molding method it can be possible to make products of different size and shapes. The plastic parison used to make single pieced hollow products. The build quality of products made with blow molding is durable and sustaining.

Now let’s talk about disadvantage. There are few disadvantages of blow moulding machines.

As the raw material is used in the blow molding machine are all made from petroleum products. The price of petroleum products is hike day by day and thus increase the production cost. Sometimes the supply is less than the demand and this affects the production.

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